If the women that cross our path, wasn’t making moves like a “THOT”,  outta pocket, lose and openly flirtatious, even in her fashions  (Revealing attire). Men wouldnt be in her business like they do. But when she on some ass flash appearances respect the attention it draws. Don’t get mad, and start making threats on social media. Thats not the business, thats ya EGO. Let that idle chatter go, and instead of the other one pivoting the blow he respond to the so-called threat. Why bcuz he can’t be seen as a f*ck boy/coward in the way ass banana peel..

Now ignorance becomes a means for others to capitalize on, and attempt to influence others to promote and help instigate the flame that burns both ways. It is the opinion of some real ones that most of you individuals are sucka’s with $$$, that don’t know how to maintain ya game nor your composure. The hungry become envious, your hood pass is in the yellow. Your contributions to your tribe is in the red. You the only one you wanna see on top. It’s as if you think they didnt make enough lights, cameras and $$$$ to go around. Type of mf wanna be like another mf and on top of that thinking everybody wanna be like him. GTFOH
Instead of being focused on the music that influences people, many are  focused on the controversy   thats gonna get more attention, for more sales. So the music is carried by the controversies instead of the conversation held with the beat.

Hip Hop and those R&B singers who collaborate with rap artist, are the only ones in the music business where someone is always having a beef with another artist over a female or a statement in a song. And these artist are the most influenced by their egos and what their fans will think.  You dont hear about Muziq Soulchild, Stevie Wonder, Trey Songz, Usher,  The Weekend, John Legend, Robin Thicke, Maxwell, Miguel, Tyrese Gibson, Pharrell Williams, Ne-Yo, Lyfe Jennings, nor August Alsina  BEEFING and making public threats or comments.

It’s gotta be something ya drinking, swallowing or snortin, bcuz the medicinal don’t make you act like that, and be all on the next mans nuts the way these dudes gettin down. How u find time to be all in the next man business unless he on your mind. And if you got dudes on ya mind like that, you on some undercover gay activities..When you mentioning people in ya verses and its in a negative way, thats some weak sh*t.  Especially when that person hasn’t said one thing about you on a track. To do that is to be telling the world , hey, me and such and such got a problem, so if something happen to me ya’ll know who did it. LOL  …

On some real shit if ya shorty gotta flash ass for attention she basically saying her self esteem for her natural essence is shattered. So she do what she do regardless the outcome. Sexy is one thing, flossing her assets is another. This is what provokes issues. See most women that get down like that do it as a profession, either for themselves or somebody they still trying to figure out. Men see them as such and search for weakness in their armor bcuz in their mind she looking for somebody that can tame that itch..And most these dudes are stick dancers looking to say they hit it.

Now these medicated so-called THUGs start flashing on IG and SC showing armor with extra long clips. Just like some cowards bcuz real men move in silence. Why ya gotta flash tools? That don’t scare nobody it only make it hard for u. Just bcuz you a Hip Hip artist it don’t mean u gotta prove yourself as some hard street dude with nothing to lose. If the object is getting $$$$$ f*ck allowing an instigating woman into ya game/ program. Either she move as a representative of your position or make room for somebody who will. You got action at being heard by the world , a voice for many. Why display a conduct that you claimed you wanna escape? Wake ya game up.

Its to much going on in life to allow ones ego to be the cause of more drama, that is only a sign of hatred. Recognize the hate and let that be ya reason to keep pushing. If its not a direct threat to ya well being or the well being of ya team, continue to get money and let that midget minded sh*t bounce off air..





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